We're open for tagging by appointment starting November 1


About The Evergreen Farm

The Evergreen Farm is owned and operated by the Thorne family. 2019 marks the 16th year that we've been at it, hoping to make the experience of choosing your Christmas tree a memorable part of your holiday traditions. We strive to deliver a very special holiday experience for you and your family, complete with cookies and cider, music and fun! We even have a small shop with Christmas treats for you!

Would you like to come early to find your favorite tree, and tag it to reserve for cutting at a later date?

Or would you like to come to choose and cut your tree and take it home in the same day?

You can come as early as November 2 to tag your tree, if you call to make an appointment. Call for an appointment on November 2 or 3 or November 9 or 10 or November 16 or 17. We only tag trees from November 1 to November 22. After that, we'll cut or tag. We open for the season on Saturday, November 23rd — so no appointment needed after November 22nd. We'll be open every weekend until December 22nd.

Let us make the traditon easy for you! We'll cut the tree for you, carry it down the hill, trim branches off as you like, bale the tree, drill a hole in the base if you'd like, and then tie it onto your car! While our youth take care of the tree for you, you can enjoy hot cider — made from our own apples — and munch on freshly based cookies. Warm up by the fire while you wait for your tree to be tied onto your car.

We also offer pre-cut trees. We have wreaths, roping, tree stands, ornaments, lights and more. We'll make a custom wreath for you, and grave blankets for your loved ones. Give us a call — we'll prepare something just as you request! We accept credit cards, checks and cash.

Our Tree Selection

Canaan Fir

These trees are very popular, and we have a lot of them. They have relatively long needles and are much softer to the touch than Blue Spruce. These trees are often mistaken for Fraser Fir trees. They have a bottlebrush-like appearance. They often have a blue or silver tinge to them on the underside of the branches.

Blue Spruce

These trees are elegant and beautiful. Their branches are strong and sharp. They have a nice blue tinge to them and they are great for displaying ornaments because they are so strong. But, they are sharp to the touch and may not be appropriate for a house with young children.

Douglas Fir

This is a full, chunky and very green Christmas tree and is favored by families with young children. These trees tend to have very robust bases and short, soft needles. Their branches are typically very full, and the needles are soft and easy to touch.

Concolor Fir

These trees are classic and beautiful. They have a distinctive citrus aroma which makes them unique. They tend to be leaner than the Douglas Fir, with soft needles that are long. These branches have ample room between branches.

Fraser Fir

These trees tend to be tall and elegant. They are deep green and have sturdy branches with short needles that are soft to the touch.

Most of our trees are 6-10 foot in height. They are priced by the foot, and the price is $10 per foot. The price includes all of the extras as well: cutting the tree, baling it, drilling a hole in the bottom, and tying it on your car. We do also have a good number of taller trees. Please come early if you want a tall tree, or call to find out what we have available.

Caring for Your Tree

What is the proper care?

There are several key steps to ensure that your tree stays fresh and attractive. After purchasing the tree of your choice, we will bale it in loose netting. This open-weave sleeve will make it easier for you to get your tree home, and to protect it on the way. We also have twine, and our assistants will help you secure the tree onto or into your car.

What should you do when you bring your tree home?

When you get home, you should immediately put the tree base into fresh water. If you don't do this within 4 hours, then cut an additional inch off the stump of your tree before placing the tree in fresh water. A fresh cut will help the tree absorb water and stay fresh, and is necessary if a tree's sap has sealed over the cut. You can put the tree inside immediately for decorating, or you can leave the tree in any cool, shady place sheltered from winds or heat. Either way, we recommend keeping the netting on your tree until it is in your stand in your home.

How should you keep your tree green?

Fresh trees tend to be very thirsty, so be sure to water it daily. A tree in a warm room can absorb as much as four pints of water a day, which is lost by evapotranspiration through the needles. You should check your tree daily, and add water as needed to make sure that the base of the tree is always covered with water. Check your tree closely, because with some stands, there can be water in the stand even though the base of the tree is no longer submerged in water.

Contact & Find Us


November 1 - 22, 2019

We're open for tagging by appointment on the weekends. Call us at (908) 236-9550 to make an appointment to stop by during any of these weekends. We're excited to see you!

November 23, 2019

We're open for the season! We'll be open every weekend until December 22, including Black Friday, from 10AM until 5PM on each day. No appointment is necessary on any of these days, just stop on by!



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From East

Take Route 78 west to Lebanon exit 20A. Proceed to Route 22, and turn right at light onto Route 22 west. Go 1 mile, then turn left onto Round Valley Access Road via jughandle. Go 3.3 miles, turn left onto Bass Lane, and go to #4 Bass Lane on right.

From North or West

Take Route 31 South from Clinton, and turn left onto Molasses Hill Road. Go 2.1 miles to the end, and turn right onto the Round Valley Access Road, also County Rt. 629. Go 1 mile, and turn left onto Bass Lane and go to #4 Bass Lane on right.

From South

Take Route 31 North from Flemington, and turn right onto Payne Road. Take Payne Road for 1.7 miles to the end. Turn left onto Round Valley Access Road, also County Rt. 629. Proceed for 1.3 miles, then turn right onto Bass Lane. Go to #4 Bass Lane on the right.